Smooth Transitions Training Modules

Rigorous, Hands-On Training

You will learn every aspect of how to run and setup your business 

Our training was created by our members who have successfully owned and operated multi-million dollar companies that ranged in sizes of 2 - 150 employees. They brought their knowledge and know-how to Smooth Transitions and revamped the training from a two day training session to a four week long series of training sessions. 

In person or on-line

You can choose to do your training with us in person in Columbus, Ohio, or if you have a large staff that needs trained, we can come to you. And thanks to the pandemic, we have developed methods to train on-line through virtual meetings.

This Will Take You to the Next Level

You will learn key processes and tools through hands-on methods to manage your business effectively while maintaining the compassion and heart that drew you to this field in the first place. You will be given opportunities to apply your learnings against real life situations, and gain insights that will prepare you for the unexpected.

You will finish training with your marketing materials delivered, your vehicle wrapped, and all your licenses and registrations in place. While in training you will have scheduled meetings with referral sources that you will start conducting at the close of training. 

You will have confidence in your skills, but also in your financial outlook. Whether your competition is the go-it-alone SMM or a large corporation, in every measure you will be better prepared.

But what if you are not the best sales person, or you still feel you need help with your first week of meetings? We can help there too. 

For Smooth Transitions licensees, you are given the opportunity to have a mentor who is like-minded in goals and personality. 

All trainees can receive up to 10 hours of phone support from their trainers.

There Is A Lot to Learn...

Customize Your Training Package to Include Only What You Need 

We will help you determine what training modules you need. Each training is customized based on:

  • Your Business Experience
  • Your Existing Resources
  • Your Biggest Concerns
  • Your Business Goals

Learn at Your Pace 

With our on-line option, you can set the schedule of how fast or slow you want to do your in person training.

Shadowing a Licensee 

Smooth Transitions licensees are given the opportunity to shadow another licensee to see how things are done at a real consult, a real job, and at community  visits.