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With Business Setup Services,Robust Hands-On Training,Complete Marketing Support,And A Lot More...
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Same Heart.
New Home.

As a Smooth Transition Licensee, you will receive everything you need to provide the premiere service we have become known for...

We distinguish ourselves by offering heart, expertise, and professionalism that is second to none in the Senior Move Management industry. We empower our licensees through our rigorous training, business planning, marketing support, software systems, and proven processes that are unmatched.

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Here are Just a Few of the Reasons to Become a Smooth Transitions Licensee:
No Franchise Fees
Free Analysis
Business Plan
NASMM Membership Included
NASMM Front Door Online Training Included
Rigorous Classroom and Practical Training
Marketing Support
Website Included
0% Financing
National Promotion
National Partners
Lead Generation
Monthly Family Webinars

Are You a Good Fit?

OUR Family Members See This as a Passion First, Opportunity Second, Venture.

With Smooth Transitions, they are empowered to be successfull professionals without having to sacrifice their servant's heart. This combination is what makes us such a strong brand.


Becoming a Licensee

Depending on your license, it can take between 2 — 4 weeks to complete your training and business setup.

Each license package includes a National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) membership, online courses through both NASMM and our proprietary coursework, followed by in-class practical training in our Columbus Training center.

*Our exclusive license package includes business planning and business setup.

**An optional onsite launch assistance is also available for either license package for an additional fee.

Exclusive Licensees will consult with our CPA who knows the intricacies of the SMM business to determine the right business model that matches their goals. Armed with this knowledge, together they will setup their accounting system to ensure your SMM specific assets, income, and expenses are correctly categorized.
Exclusive Licensees business advisor will help them determine which registrations and licenses they need at the federal, state, and local levels. Then together they complete those registrations, obtain the licenses, and understand any reporting they will be required to provide monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Working with our insurance partners, both Boutique and Exclusive Licensees will be able to get quotes for all the forms of insurance they will need to operate their business in their area that match our industry. This can save them thousands per year in premiums.
Exclusive Licensees will work with their business advisor, they will start to identify all of their local referral sources and the best way to become a household name in their market. They will analyze their market's potential, get to know their competition, and determine what they will need to do to meet the needs of their specifc customers.
With the help of our ad agency, Exclusive Licensees entire marketing material package will be created based on the research above. Using our extensive library of materials as a starting point, the writers and designers will customize them to work in their specific market. Boutique licensees also have access to the materials, but all customization is done through their own resources.
As identified throughout the week, both Boutique and Exclusive Licensees will need to address any items that are unique to their market.
This week is dedicated to completing your included Front Door Training. Don't worry, we will be with you as you go through it to answer your questions as you go. To be a Certified Senior Move Manager, you must complete this training. This foundational training includes:
  • 250+ page, self-study manual covering the most essential skills in Senior Move Management, marketing, and understanding and working with older adults
  • Compelling case studies
  • "In the trenches" authenticity — real SMM concerns, challenges, and client conversations uncovered
  • Proven tools and resources to help you understand and navigate the aging services network
  • Un-matched business development tools and support
  • Expansive online file library of customizable, must-have tools including:
    • contracts
    • liability statements
    • estimating tools
    • client intake forms
    • client satisfaction tools
    • sample proposals
    • client billing forms
    • essential checklists, tip sheets and more
  • Customizable marketing launch letters, sample brochures, marketing materials and more
  • Quick Planner magnetic space planning tools from ViewIt Technologies
  • Five Essential Audio Modules including:
    • Welcome to Senior Move Management
    • First Impressions: Maximizing the Client Consultation Process
    • Estimating Essentials for the Senior Move Manager
    • Coming of Age: Marketing Strategies and Tools to Engage Older Adults
    • A Moving Experience: Working with the Client with Dementia
  • A Certificate of Achievement, upon course completion — recognizing you are a "NASMM Trained" Senior Move Management Company. You can include this certificate in your sales and marketing presentations to senior living communities, referral sources, and potential clients.
With Exclusive Licensees approvals in place, their customized marketing materials can be ordered so their initial stock will be ready for launch in two weeks. Digital copies will be placed into their back-office. Their custom version of is now being completed for their review next week. Boutique licensees also get a custom version, but must manage the customization through their own resources, or use our partners for an additional fee.
This week both Exclusive and Boutique Licensees will arrive in Columbus, Ohio and start their core training with our staff and senior licensees. This training is what will take you to the next level. You will learn key processes and tools to manage your business effectively while maintaining the compassion and heart that drew you to this field in the first place. You will be given opportunities to apply your learnings against real life situations, and gain insights that will prepare you for the X-factor.

Boutique Licensees attend a 2 day essentials only version of this training.

And finally, Exclusive Licensees will learn our specialized STWare software. It was designed specifically for Smooth Transitions licensees. It is a purpose-built system aligned to our processes, systems, and tools.

Upon completing this hands-on training, you will have the confidence needed to hit the ground running when you return home in Week 4.
While on site, you will be able to finalize your custom version of You will have learned how to customize it on your own and also with the help of our dedicated web development team.
This week Exclusive Licensees arrive back home to find their marketing materials delivered, their vehicle wrapped, and all their licenses and registrations in place. While in training they will have scheduled meetings with referral sources that they will start conducting this week. They have confidence in their skills, but also in their financial outlook. Whether their competition is the go-it-alone SMM or a franchise, in every measure the exclusive licensee has better tools, branding, support, and they are ready to start bringing unrivaled quality, professionalism, and compassion.

But what if they are not the best sales person, or they still feel they need help with their first week of meetings? We can help they there too. Every new licensee is given the opportunity to have a mentor who is likeminded in goals and personality. In addition to their mentor, they also have 10 hours of phone support from their trainers.

And for those who still need a bit more, we offer an onsite launch week package where one of our trainers or senior licensees will be there right beside them as they start.
WEEK: 1 2 3 4

Licensing Options & Pricing

Each License Option Requires First Year Training. Training Can Be Financed at 0% for Terms Up To 5 Years With as Little as $3,000 Down.

Choose the License & Training Option That is Right For You

All Licenses
Base Features:
  • Market Analysis & Advisory
  • Business Coaching
  • Copy of the Smooth Transitions Training Manual
  • PMBOK Inspired Training
  • National Promotion of Brand
  • SEO Promoting Locations
  • Custom Website
  • Back Office Access
  • Marketing Library
  • National Partner Referral Sources
  • Advisory Board & Monthly Webinars
  • Quarterly Family Updates
  • Annual Meetings
  • Professional Service Discounts
  • Lead Generation Resources
  • NASMM Membership
  • NASMM Front Door Training
  • Veteran Discounts Available
  • REQUIRES:Two Day Essentials
    Onsite or Online Training TRAINING
  • Up to 40 Transitions Annually
  • Non-Exclusive Rights to Operate in Selected Area*
  • Overflow Resource for Exclusive Licensees
  • Free Use of STWare with 20 Active Project Limit
  • * Boutique Licensees Require Permission of Exclusive Licensees if Selected Area is Currently Owned. Permission to Operate Cannot Be Revoked Once Given. Restrictions Apply.
First Year Requires a $5,200 Training Fee.
May be Financed for 3 years at 0% with $3,000 Down.
  • REQUIRES:Two Week Hands-On Training
    With Business Setup TRAINING
  • Unlimited Transitions Annually In Their Market
  • Exclusivity to Selected Zip Codes
  • $600K in Potential Revenue*
  • Additional Zip Codes Can Be Purchased
  • First Right of Refusal on Neighboring Zip Codes Purchase by Other Licensees
  • Utilization of Boutique Licensees for Overflow
  • First Year of Unlimited STWare included, $50 Per Month After if Over 20 Active Projects.
First Year Requires a $38,500 Training Fee.
May be Financed for 5 years at 0% with $15,000 Down.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to help answer the most common questions below.

Of course, if you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call, and we will be happy to help you.

CALL (844) 266-HOME

What is a SMM?

A Senior Move Manager (SMM) is a retiree's concierge that eases their transition to a more concise lifestyle.

A good SMM is a person who posesses many qualities. They are calm, compassionate, professional, organized, and above all else... patient. In addition to these character traits, a SMM has many niche skills that are needed to guide and manage the move of someone's home of 30 years or more. And to be successful long term, they of course need excellent business skills.

Is it a Good Business?

Yes, it is a very good business.

SMMs find this line of work rewarding both financially and emotionally. SMMs often help people in times of emergency and stress. Lifting clients out of their bad situations can bring many hugs and happy tears. And, if managed well, it can be a very profitable business. SMMs annual revenues can range from $30,000 for easy going part timers, and soar to over $1,000,000 for those willing to scale their business. It simply depends on how well you overcome the four main challenges of becoming a SMM.

What are the Challenges?

The primary challenges are education and experience.

There are plenty of books, including one by our founder, on how to become a senior move manager. But the problem nearly all new SMMs face is gaining access to the tribal knowledge that is beyond what a book can convey. Many SMMs fail within their first or second years because they simply don't know how to make the business successful.

The second challenge is balancing profit with compassion.

Profit is not a four letter word. It is the air your business needs to breathe so it can go on living. Without proper training and discipline many conflate reducing their profit with compassion.

The third challenge is working on your business, not in it.

This challenge applies more to those who want to grow beyond a $60-$100,000 a year revenue. To do so requires you to step aside and scale your business to have managers of the moves and a manager of your sales. The most financially successful SMMs have employees for both roles, though most start with them fulfilling at least one of those roles themselves. It simply is not possible to do all the roles yourself and maintain a high revenue.

The last challenge is understanding your market.

While this is a growing industry, not every location is a good fit for a SMM business. There are several key factors and calculations that need to be considered to know if the market will support it now, and grow with it into the future. Some of the most profitable regions may surprise you.

How do I Become a Successful SMM?

Most entrepreneurs looking to start a SMM business usually believe they need to consider one of two choices. The first is to purchase a franchise and sacrifice as much as 23% of their profit (masked as a 7% franchise and marketing fee) in exchange for access to support and training. The second is to go it alone and try to figure it out through online trainings, books, and seminars.

The problem in both cases is that they make overcoming all the challenges difficult. On the franchise side, you will find it difficult to capitalize off your profit because such a large portion of it is going to the franchisor. Going it alone, however, requires you to learn many hard lessons on your own, and requires you to not only become proficient in being a SMM but also in marketing, advertising, web site development, print design, copy writing, search engine optimization, public relations, and more to be on par with your franchise competitors.

The Licensing Option

Smooth Transitions provides a third, and possibly best, option.

Unlike a franchise, we do not charge a percentage of gross revenues, instead you pay a nominal annual fee between $1,200 and $3,500 per year. In exchange, you receive all the same benefits of a franchise. The key difference is that you get to keep your profit. This empowers you to fully capitalize your business, attract better talent because you can afford to pay them more, and thus have a smoother running operation. And unlike a franchise, you have more autonomy. Plus because you have the support of the license, you save tens of thousands in marketing, advertising, and development fees. It is truly the best of both worlds. In fact, over 90% of our licensees continue their business to retirement, or they choose to sell it to the next generation. Check out the five year comparison of a license vs a franchise.

License Vs Franchise
Seventy-five million seniors and retirees need move management services.
Average number of months before your business is running at 100%.
Interest rate on five year term for training and your first year's license.
Average number of moves per month needed to break $500,000 in revenue.
Margin possible using our proprietary processes, and systems.
The target potential revenue of each exclusive licensee. Unlike franchises, we do not limit territories based on population.